Inspiration is Everywhere – shooting miniature car scene

Hello my friends! 🙂

I hope you all are doing great!

So few days ago I went to shoot for a photo project I’m currently working on, and I’ve found a place which looked very ordinary and not so interesting at first but in the photographs it looked quite beautiful! So I thought of doing a behind the scene story about it and sharing with you guys 🙂

I often get asked where do I find my locations or backgrounds and one of my friend even told me how he wish he had the backgrounds like that near him. Well, the answer is most likely you already have! All you have to do is to look a bit differently and get creative with it. So I hope this will give you the idea about what my backgrounds are look like 🙂

The location I went for photographing is a bit far from the main city. The reason I like it so much is because most of the time it’s very quiet and I can roam around and take photos without people watching me :D. So I was just taking some shots for my project and there were some constructions going on. Beside the construction site there was a little drainage system to pass the rain water, and when I saw that drainage I immediately got an idea. All the rocks and pebbles and flowing water looked like a little creek to me. Fortunately I had one of my miniature cars with me and I thought I’d create a scene with it, something that gives the feeling of a journey… as if the little car is taking a short break after a long journey.

So this was the drainage I used as a creek 😛 I think this is the fun of photography, you don’t have to get the real things, you can always mimic and create your own space!


The scene was pretty simple… setting sun, a little creek, with hint of mountains in the background. The only trouble was to get down real low to get a good perspective for the car. And yes I did covered part of myself with the dirt and mud haha.

There were some piles of sand and gravel which looked like hills to me, so for the mountains I thought of using them. I turned my camera focus mode to the manual and took some defocused shots of the piles which looked just like mountains.



shot defocused using manual focus at f/1.8

And later I composited all the images together in Photoshop. First I opened the main shot, expanded a bit, added the mountain background, then added a sky overlay to make it look more atmospheric. This is the steps I did to create the final scene

expanded the main image using crop tool


Then used the eye dropper tool and picked colour from the background


Then using the brush tool I painted over the background


Then copied and pasted the new background as a layer and resized, changed the opacity and using the mask tool I removed the unnecessary parts.


And later added a sky overlay, changed the opacity, resized and removed the unwanted part by masking out


So this is my process of adding a background. Now it was easy to add a background like this because I already had this white clear sky in the background. Also luckily it was an overcast day, so it’s easy to blend the images as the lighting is even. So if you are going to try some compositing or something that requires image blending, I’d suggest to shoot in an overcast day or ambient kind of light. It’s also great for changing lighting, like I did in this image.

Also you don’t always have to take different shots and combine them together, most of the time everything is there.

Here’s the main shot


and this is the finished one


Another example of the same place where I’ve created this


So don’t be too concerned about finding a perfect place, if you try to see things and think a bit differently trust me there will be more than enough!

I hope you like this and also I’d be very happy to know about some random places where you’ve taken a picture. So please do share your thoughts, photos and stories! 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful day/night! Happy creating! 🙂

speed edit video of the whole editing process:


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