Home is where the art is

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Arefin and I’m a fine art photographer. I’ve created this blog to share my photography, experiences and what I’ve learned so far during my photography journey. I’ve tried blogging before but that didn’t work out because of the lack of time. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue it this time around. Over the past years, I’ve been very fortunate to come in contact with so many wonderful people after I started photography, I’ve got some amazing feedbacks and learned so much. I feel that the right thing to do is to pay it forward, to give back as much as I can to the community that helped me so much to grow up as a photographer and artist. So this blog is for all the amazing people out there, I’m really very much thankful for your support. Through my photography journey I’ve got people asking me for showing how I create my works, do I have a studio or what are my setups, do I own some expensive lighting equipments? Well, I’m going to share a personal story with you. When I started photography I used to think that oh crap! I don’t have a nice personal space or studio, I don’t have this flash or that reflector. And I’m quite shy to roam around in the city with my camera. But later when I started to focus on creating from what I have got, surprisingly I found that actually I already have more than I need. All I had to do is to think a little bit and combine the things I got. And for today I’m gonna show you where I shoot most of my images. So I have two favourite places in my house to create my photos, number one is my balcony. The reason why I love this little space so much because I can get plenty of natural sunlight during daytime, as it’s placed facing the south I can get both the light of sunrise and sunset! And also the background looks quite beautiful when blurred out. The distant trees in the background make some beautiful and smooth bokeh and as a I’m a huge bokeh lover this is just perfect for me. Also you can see the wall has got some textures which is also great to use as a background for some still-life photos. The only thing that always bother me is those iron grills (They are very common here in Bangladesh). And sometimes I really need to work hard to get rid of them in the photos, but that’s ok. With a bit of tricks it’s possible to avoid any kind distracting elements and I’ll discuss how I do that in another post.DSC_2581 Here are some of my setup photos in this space, you can click on the photos if you want to have a bigger look. 5242577_eprvxyz137_o5242583_cefhlstv37_o The final shot DSC_1730 Some of the other photos I’ve created using this space DSC_1132DSC_04782 Another favourite place of mine is beside the window of my room. I usually shoot the photos which are a bit dark and need only one lighting source. And the corner of my room with this window is just perfect for that. The window acts as a great natural source of light and kind of gives a speedlight effect and the dark blue curtains of my window create a beautiful dark background. All I have to do is to place a table and the subject, choose the right view and shoot. DSC_2523 Here are some photos taken from this place 13th-april,waiting27th-july,sonnet-for-a-rainy-dayDSC_1337DSC_0124 So these are the two most favourite places where I create my photos. I will discuss more details about backgrounds and other things in next post. If you also got some favourite places to shoot please do share with me, I’d very much like to know and get inspired! 🙂